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Supply Chain Management -- what's next for Chemicals?

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Best Practice Series

Originally Recorded: February 25, 2020

Speaker: Mihir Shaw, Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Chemicals, Pharma & Life Sciences, Infor

Moderator: Traci Purdum, Senior Editor - Digital Media




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Takeaways from this Webcast:

Chemicals companies have long struggled with their industry’s unique requirements related to hazardous materials, batch scheduling, trace-ability, supply chain visibility, and establishing and running an efficient sales, inventory, and operations planning (SI&OP) process. As time progresses, such complexities are only going to proliferate, especially as uncertainties around tariffs, sustainability initiatives, and regulations grow. These key issues and trends can have profound impact on your entire supply chain—from procurement and manufacturing all the way to delivery.

For insights into the rest of the year, join this webinar to learn more about:

  • What trends will define the rest of 2020 for the chemicals industry
  • What evolving roles do trends such as Blockchain, the circular economy, etc. play in the chemicals industry
  • Which tools are other companies using today to overcome their most critical challenges  

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Meet the presenter


Mihir Shah
Industry & Solution Strategy Director, Chemicals, Pharma & Life Sciences

Mihir Shah is Industry & Solutions Strategy Director within Infor's Chemicals, Pharma & Life Sciences Sales organization. 

He is an entrepreneurial commercial leader with over 14 years of experience - software engineering during the initial years in a technology company and last decade in business management roles in various Chemical companies. His success includes turning around dying product lines, growing global businesses and transforming mature businesses in B2B / B2C value-chains while facing multiple challenges in various industries/organizational settings (public/private, mid-cap/large-cap, matrix/centralized, regional/global, high-volume technical product manufacturing / services).

He is excited about his current role at Infor since it brings his software knowledge and chemical business expertise together, to lead Infor's strategy and market activation plan for Chemicals, Pharma and Life Sciences space.


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