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Effectively Seal at Temperatures Over 1000°F

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Originally Recorded: May 7, 2020
Speaker: David Clover, Senior Product/Application Specialist, ERIKS North America
Moderator: Traci Purdum, Senior Editor - Digital Media 

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Sealing temperatures over 1,000 ℉?  We've got you covered.
Newly Improved Phlogopite Mica Materials Provide Reliable High-Temperature Seals

Eriks productExtreme sealing!  We all depend on it.  Our entire petrochemical industry is possible because of it.  Sure, everyone can seal water and steam.  But 3,000-psi breach-lock heat exchangers?  Molten Sulphur?  Catalyst regeneration systems? 

Fortunately, our industry has created innovative and reliable solutions for a wide range of extreme sealing challenges.  Aggressive chemicals?  We’ve got you covered with a family of PTFE products.  2,200-psi heat exchangers running at 850⁰F?  No problem.  We’ve developed metal/graphite composite gaskets in several styles to meet your needs.    

The most glaring hole in our defensive line has been for that small subset of sealing applications over 1,000⁰F.  Up to that point, flexible graphite is reliable and comfortable.  But crossing that 1,000⁰F threshold puts us in difficult territory.  Will the gasket be exposed to atmospheric oxygen?  Will the gasket come into contact with exhaust gasses?  Will the graphite oxidize? 

To meet these needs ERIKS Netherlands conducted a multi-year research and development project.  This project culminated in the launch of an improved line of Phlogopite mica-based sealing products for spiral wound gaskets, kammprofile gaskets, and sheet gaskets.  These products have superb chemical resistance, proven sealability that surpasses existing solutions, and excellent response to high-temperature thermal cycling up to 1,800⁰F. 

ERIKS North America is proud to bring this new material technology to our state-side customers.  It is stocked in our Leader Gasket facility in LaPorte, Texas, where it can be fabricated into sheet gaskets, kamprofile gaskets, and spiral wound gaskets.       

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David Clover_ERIKS

David Clover is a Senior Product/Application Specialist for ERIKS North America.  His 35 years in the gasket and sealing industry, both in distribution and in manufacturing, give him a valuable breadth of experience in anticipating and meeting the needs of the Refining industry.

David has worked on refinery sealing issues since 1984, developing the practical experience needed to understand and communicate solutions.  David's experience includes positions held at: Industrial Gasket, JM Clipper (Leader Gasket), Teadit North America, Advanced Sealing & Supply, Co., Inc. and currently ERIKS North America.

David is a US Citizen and he and his wife, Shirley,  have four children.  He has written extensively over the years for both business and personal endeavors.  In his spare time, he is the President of a small non-profit corporation.