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The author of our January "State of the Industry" report provides a mid-year update on how the U.S. chemical industry is faring and what it's near- and mid-term prospects look like. The webinar will cover factors such as the strength of key markets, the industry's competitive position as far as feedstocks, and the prospects for growth and investment in facilities.

Our Speaker:

Dr. Thomas Kevin Swift, CBE


Dr.  Thomas Kevin Swift, CBE
Chief Economist
   & Managing Director
American Chemistry Council
Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Swift is the chief economist at the American Chemistry Council (ACC) in Washington, DC where he is responsible for economic analyses dealing with markets, energy, trade, tax, and innovation, as well as monitoring business conditions, identifying emerging trends, and assessing the economic and societal contributions of chemistry. Prior to joining the ACC, Dr. Swift held senior level and executive positions at two major industrial market research consultancies. He started his career at Dow Chemical.
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