On Demand Webinar: Understanding NEMA and IEC Standards and Certifications for Hazardous Areas

This on demand webinar will discuss the differences between NEMA and IEC motors and the terminology used by each organization for hazardous areas. 26% of the global market uses NEMA low voltage motors while the other 74% of the global market uses IEC motors. While these motors are physically different, operationally, these motors are fundamentally the same. NEMA and IEC motors can be suited for hazardous locations but the terminology and nomenclature between the two organization standards are vastly different. Download now and hear us compare the hazardous location terminology and applying the correct motor.


About the presenters:

Terry White
IEC Application Specialist
Baldor Electric Company

Terry White is an IEC Application Specialist. He has been with Baldor since 2004 and has been in product support for the IEC product line for the past three years. He has completed several hours of training in regards to the IEC product line and is extremely familiar with Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards.

Fred McCutchan
Product Specialist, Severe Duty and Explosion Proof Motors
Baldor Electric Company

Fred McCutchan is the Product Specialist for Severe Duty and Explosion Proof Motors at Baldor Electric Company in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  He holds a degree in Electronics, certificates in Industrial Maintenance, and has over 20 years of experience in the electric motor industry.  His prior roles include Application Specialist, International Sales Engineer, and General Purpose Product Specialist.