Engineers often think of dynamic simulation for design and troubleshooting but it has far wider applicability. There’s more to dynamic process simulation than de-bottlenecking processes. This webinar will illustrate how dynamic simulation benefits pressure-relief system analysis, optimization of start-up and shutdown procedures, flare disposal system design such as evaluation of flare header pressures and radiation, and more.

During this event, our speaker will offer an overview of the work process for creating a dynamic simulation and some of the common difficulties associated. Additionally, a case study comparing the results of a dynamic simulation to a traditional steady-state simulation will be presented.

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Dan Pulis
Technical Advisor
Siemens' Process Safety Consulting Group

Dan Pulis is a Technical Advisor for Siemens’ Process Safety Consulting Group. He has over 10 years of experience in process safety, primarily in the area of pressure relief and disposal systems, and has also worked in the area of non-destructive testing (both theory and practical application).  Dan is an expert in Siemens PSPPM® application and implementation and has conducted training for this software as well as been heavily involved in the technical aspects of its ongoing development.  He holds Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University and is an E.I.T in the state of Texas.

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