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Plant managers don’t always see solids-handling operations as influencing the bottom line until something big shows up on the balance sheet. To spur flowability, some plants have admitted to some pretty crazy practices (forklifts as battering rams). And among many solids-handling factors, articulate solids are unique materials because the particles can hold solid, gas and liquid phases at the same time. Additionally, chemical plants often must reduce the size of materials to create dramatically greater surface area of particles to improve processing. However, necessary size-reduction equipment is often massive, expensive and energy intensive.

To help you sidestep snafus, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Conduct Flowability Tests -- Sites often suffer solid flow problems that such testing could prevent

  • Stop Solvent Snags -- Success requires understanding solvent nature and level in solids

  • Size Up Size Reduction -- Understand the operation and appropriate application of mills and pulverizers

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