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air products nitrogen blanketing

Nitrogen blanketing, while widely used in the chemical process, pharmaceutical, food processing and refining industries, is often overlooked as a way to improve safety, productivity and quality. Although blanketing is a simple plant practice, there are options for improvements that balance achieving desired safety or quality results with minimizing cost. Poor choices may add cost, waste nitrogen or increase plant emissions. Nitrogen blanketing is the process of applying the gas to the vapor space of a container to control its composition. The benefits of nitrogen blanketing include improved process safety, better product quality, and longer equipment life cycle. Nitrogen blanketing can be applied to a wide variety of container sizes ranging from a storage tank with a volume of millions of gallons down to a quart-size container or smaller. This white paper will share the practice of nitrogen blanketing and explain how to make the application more effective and efficient.

This white paper is sponsored by Air Products.