Interested in a safer, cost effective and more efficient approach to cleaning your heat exchanger tubes?

Attend this webinar and learn about how using low pressure water will:

- Allow for smaller crews
- Reduce the size of the work area and safety zone
- Require much smaller footprints than hydroblasting
- Increase safety by using under 700 PSI versus hydroblasting at 20,000 - 40,000 PSI
- Provide the ability to clean the full length of the tube often left untouched by hydroblasting

Learn more about safety, be environmentally conscious, clean the "uncleanable" units and get the job done faster! Watch this webinar now and discover all the insights and advantages!



Jason Wilburn
Vice President & General Manager, Industrial Services Division
Conco Services Corporation
Jason Wilburn is the Vice President & General Manager for the Industrial Services Division of Conco Services Corporation. Jason’s primary focus is on growing and developing organizations, and since joining Conco in January of 2007, the industrial division has doubled in size and revenue.

Jason has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Management and Manufacturing (M.M.M.) Degree from Penn State University. He is the current Chair of the Alumni Advisory Board for Penn State’s M.M.M. Program and has been an active board member for 12 years. Jason also received his Six Sigma Certification from Penn State University in May 2005.

Management, team-building, leadership and safety are all hot topics for Jason, and he has completed several continuing education courses and holds various certifications in these areas.

Moderator: Traci Purdum, Digital Editor, Chemical Processing

Conco Services Corporation is the world leader in off-line mechanical tube cleaning. From power generation to polymers, alumina to refineries, Conco technicians have restored efficiency and reliability to over 150 million condenser and heat exchanger tubes worldwide. In addition to cleaning services, Conco is a leading provider of nondestructive testing services, including RFT, eddy current and tracer gas leak detection.

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