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foster these flow best practices

Plants generally rely on a multitude of pumps, pipes and meters to move raw materials, intermediates and products. So, proper selection and operation plays a key role in keeping a process running smoothly.

To help you foster flow best practices, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Can Your Pump Cope with Process Changes? -- Understand the possible impact of changed dynamic head
  • Produce Proper Pipe Specifications -- Include adequate detail and appropriate background information
  • Measure Reliably in Gas Entrained Medium -- Meter ensures minimum flow for safe operation and reduced downtime
  • Advances Continue in Flowmeter Technology -- Flow meters are getting smarter, smaller and more specialized
  • Follow These 6 Tips for Sight Glass Selection -- The right glass can help prevent a system shutdown or catastrophic failure

Download this Chemical Processing flow ehandbook now.