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Powders and solids are a tricky business. You have to be proactive to ensure catastrophic events like dust explosions don’t happen. You have to be able to convert laboratory findings into a meaningful process design all while taking into account forces unknown or unseen. And you have to make it all flow according to plan and specs.

To help you address potential problems, we’ve put together another Chemical Processing eHandbook. It includes:

  • Talk to a Chemist
    You may get valuable insights for successfully scaling up a process
  • Surmount Sticky Situations
    A properly designed fluid-bed dryer can handle sticky solids
  • Support Good Housekeeping Practices
    Implement a proactive approach using industrial vacuum cleaners to prevent secondary dust explosions
  • Predicting Powder Flow Behavior Just Got Easier
    New shear cell tests help to ensure product consistency
  • Understand Powder Flow Characteristics
    A powder’s variables and external factors will greatly impact blender size 

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