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take a closer look at process safety cpeh 1909

Dealing with safety issues can involve sophisticated techniques for hazard analysis and prescriptive measures for plant design and operation. It also can involve rethinking a process to make it inherently safer. 

To help you stay safe, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Effectively Manage Large-Scale Process Hazard Assessments -- Success depends upon properly addressing a number of issues.
  • Use Dynamic Simulation To Improve Process Safety -- A digital twin can help spot and combat risks during design and operation.
  • Prevent The Illusion Of Protection -- Address management system failings that undermine process safety.
  • Rethink Your Refuge -- A zero-vulnerability safe haven helps protect personnel and speed emergency response.

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This eHandbook is sponsored by CHEMTREC, Emerson Rosemount Inc, KNF Neuberger, Kuriyama of America, Inc, MineARC Systems America, LLC, REMBE Inc, and SOR.