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Powder handling can be dangerous and unpredictable. Indeed, many processes generate dust, which can lead to explosions. Preventing the generation of dust is easier, cheaper and more reliable. This eHandbook offers a few preventative measures. Another problem with powder handling and solids is you often have to pray you don’t have flow issues. In most cases, clumping is the culprit. This eHandbook highlights 10 causes of clumping and 10 solutions. And yet another concern is physically moving the solids. Inside is a top 10 list that addresses pneumatic conveyor systems and lists tips for planning and modifying existing ones.

To help you properly handle dangerous and unpredictable powders, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Deftly Deal with Dust -- Minimize generation and consider either collection or suppression

  • Clamp Down on Clumping -- First understand what’s really causing the problem

  • Install Pneumatic Conveyors Correctly -- Follow 10 steps to prevent a variety of common problems

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