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Cover Story: Take Key Steps Against Combustible Dust Hazards

Many processes must contend with dusts that can pose fire and explosion hazards. This article describes a sound approach to addressing such hazards by implementing a proactive and robust mechanical integrity program.

Also in this issue:

Rethink Distillation Column Pressure Measurement

Multiple sensors measure pressure in different sections of a distillation column. These sensors must work safely and reliably. Optimization requires properly dealing with temperature effects on pressure measurements.

Choose The Right Sampling System Transport Line

Sample transport lines convey fluid from a process stream to an analyzer. These typically are single-line systems or fast-loop systems. Here are guidelines for making the appropriate choice for a particular application.

Is Supercritical Water The Green Future Of Chemical Processing?

Water in a supercritical state can break down high-molecular-weight compounds into smaller higher-value ones at remarkably fast rates. Standard commercial extruders for plastics offer an attractive option for such processing.