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CP1805_Cover_320x427Cover Story: Efforts Pin Down Corrosion
Advances in coatings and materials, along with better monitoring, promise to prevent problems or extend the life of process hardware that is exposed to corrosive media. Here’s a look at some significant developments.

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Understand Industrial Wastewater Treatment
Most plants generate wastewater that must be treated before being discharged. This article looks at crucial parameters for wastewater, as well as the various technologies used for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

Consider Process Colormetric/Photometric Analyzers
Color can indicate the concentration of a specific compound. Now, field-based analyzers can provide laboratory-quality evaluations for a variety of compounds in real time, reducing the need for laboratory analyses.

Properly Select Vacuum Pump Motors
Engineers specifying vacuum pumps often opt for the lower possible rated power for drive motors. However, this nameplate rating doesn’t tell much about the real energy consumption of the pump. Here’s a better approach.