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CP1803_Cover_320x427.jpgCover Story: Upgrade Compressed Air Systems
Compressed air is the most expensive utility at many plants. So, facilities are striving to improve efficiency of compressed air systems. Besides adjusting system operation and use, they are taking advantage of advances in compressors and other hardware.

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Consider the Impact of Industry 4.0 on Safety Instrumented Systems
As “Industry 4.0” gains ground among processors, the greater communication among devices embodied by the concept raises cyber-security challenges for plants’ safety instrumented systems (SISs). Here’s a high-spotting of some important issues.

Make the Right Moves With Belt Conveyors
Belt conveyors are the most common option for transporting solids. Optimum performance depends upon a number of factors such as inclination and belt tension as well as proper selection of components like pulleys, idlers, reducers and bearings.

EMISs Evolve to See the Bigger Picture
The refinery overcame traditional barriers to improved energy efficiency by adding process considerations to its energy management information system. Using rigorous process simulations resulted in better process as well as energy performance.