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CP1806_Cover_320x427Cover Story: Fine Tuning Ticks Along
Processors are rethinking their philosophies and approaches in their quest to improve operational excellence. In addition, they are looking more to digital technologies as enablers. Here’s a rundown on some initiatives.

Also in this issue:

Stop Inconsistent Mixing
Most inconsistency problems stem from one underlying misconception: that mixing is just one process and always can be done successfully in one way or with one type of equipment. Process observations are key to success.

Achieve The Transparency Consumers Demand
Consumers now expect fuller details about what’s in products. To satisfy this demand for improved transparency, firms must track down hidden chemicals throughout their supply chains. This requires five distinct steps.

Head Off Centrifugal Pump Problems
Centrifugal-pump head tolerances allowed under API-610 specifications can create unexpected rework and impact a project’s schedule and costs in some situations. So, a proper understanding of these tolerances is essential.