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CP1807_Cover_320x427Cover Story: Partnering Promotes Environmental Progress
Chemical companies increasingly are forming partnerships with advocacy organizations focused on the environment to identify and develop projects that both can support. Here’s a rundown of some key initiatives.

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Consider Open-Rack Seawater Heat Exchangers
Special designs of open-rack heat exchangers use ambient-temperature seawater for heating and cooling. This article looks at the design, operation and maintenance of such exchangers as well as key mechanical considerations.

Deter Difficulties with Instrument Air Dryers
Desiccant dryers play a key role in many compressed air systems yet many failures of such dryers have occurred. Detecting when the dryers fail can be difficult. Here are pointers for effective monitoring and evaluation.

Does Your Existing SIS Get the Job Done?
The updated IEC standard on functional safety states that leaving a safety instrumented system “as is” demands a determination that it meets requirements. Here’re pointers for assessing the acceptability of an existing SIS.