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CP1802_Cover_320x427.jpgCover Story: Chemical Makers Embrace the Cloud
As chemical manufacturers increasingly embrace digitalization, they also more and more are turning to cloud-based data storage, configuration, analytics and other services using their own or third-party clouds. Here’s a look at what some firms are doing.

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Find Tank Wetted Surface Area
Properly calculating the wetted surface area in a tank can be important — for instance, the API RP 521 guidelines for pressure relief mandate such a calculation. Here is a rigorous equation to use for a cylindrical horizontal tank with any type of head.

Don’t Let Baffles Baffle You
Baffles can play an important role in optimizing and stabilizing the mixing flow pattern in agitated vessels. Here are some practical pointers about the use of baffles for various types of vessels, as well as tips about mechanical concerns in using them.

Make the Best of Field Testing
The two previous columns probably have undermined, if not eliminated, your confidence in field testing. However, sometimes field testing is the only option. So, this column will cover how you should go about conducting a field performance test.