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CP1804_Cover_320x427Cover Story: Save Energy In Distillation
Distillation is a very common operation at plants but also often the most-energy-intensive one. This article discusses a variety of ideas for reducing energy consumption that may be attractive retrofit options for existing distillation columns.

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Tailor Your Project Delivery Process
Using the same planning and execution activities on small projects as for large projects can lead to excessive deliverables for some projects and missed steps for others. A characterization tool can tailor activities to those required for the specific project.

Weather The Extremes
Not enough attention is given to disaster planning. Successfully surviving severe natural events demands proper preparation.

Measure Temperature Right
A number of options are available for getting a temperature measurement. The sensor can contact the material of interest via mounting in one of a number of types of thermowells on a pipe or vessel or a non-contact sensor can be used. Here’s a guide.