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Do you know how your equipment is operating? Have you done performance testing recently? If you have a general idea, be careful; generalizations can lead you astray. You must develop models for complex interacting systems and test your assumptions — and the generalizations! Then compare your various options and the capital required to the savings achieved. Use this to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

To help achieve better energy efficiency, Chemical Processing has put together an eHandbook. It includes insight on:

  • Take a Closer Look at Equipment Performance -- Modern instrumentation packages reduce the need for testing — but not always

  • Cast Cold Eyes on Cooling System Interactions -- Take a look at the cooling tower, refrigeration compressor and condenser

  • Don’t Generalize Complex Systems -- Deviating from standard design temperatures requires careful evaluation

  • Consider Refrigeration Condenser Pressure -- Operating at design condenser pressure could wind up wasting energy

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