Process Automation:
Unlock Value from Open Process Automation

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Originally Recorded: March 31, 2021

Speakers: Jacco Opmeer, Program Manager, DCS Strategies, Shell
                  Dave Emerson, Vice President, US Technology Center, Yokogawa

                  Mohan Kalyanaraman, Technology Acquisition Advisor
                  Research & Engineering, ExxonMobil

Moderator: Traci Purdum, Senior Editor - Digital Media 

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Leading industry experts will discuss the following and more:
Many process plants must contend with legacy control systems, some decades out, running obsolete hardware that can’t be upgraded. Making matters worse, many of these proprietary control systems rely on older programming languages that prevent integration of new applications or sophisticated control algorithms. Increasingly, this has limited the ability of operating companies to upgrade, scale or drive innovation into the process automation area.

The critical need to address this dilemma spurred leading global operating companies, process automation vendors and system integrators to form the Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF). It is developing an open, standards-based, secure and interoperable process automation architecture. In this webinar, industry-leading experts will describe how OPAF is selecting standards that will achieve the vision of truly open systems, the status of its efforts, and what this exciting change to the process automation world means to you.

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Meet the Presenters

Jacco-Opmeer,-Program-Mgr.,-DCS-Strategies,-Shell_150x150Jacco Opmeer
Program Manager, DCS Strategies

Jacco Opmeer has almost 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in different functions.  He joined Shell in 2013.  Before Shell he worked at ExxonMobil for 16 years and before that worked in different engineering contractor and petrochemical operating companies. Jacco was “exposed” to all aspects of DCS, PLC, and safety systems in different circumstances and situations which gives him broad knowledge about what our systems can bring but also where the opportunities for improvement are.  In his current role he is working for global Shell on the “DCS of the Future” and more particularly on what it should bring and how we can get there.


Mohan-Kalyanaraman,-Technology-Acquisiton-Advisor,-Research-&-Engineering,-ExxonMobil_150x150Mohan Kalyanaraman
Technology Acquisition Advisor
Research & Engineering

Mohan Kalyanaraman holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and an MBA and has 24 years of experience in catalysis, commercialization, and business development. He is currently a technology acquisition advisor for ExxonMobil Research & Engineering and serves as the Marketing and Outreach co-chair for OPAF.

Dave-Emerson,-VP,-Yokogawa_150x150Dave Emerson
Vice President, US Technology Center

Dave Emerson is Vice President of Yokogawa’s U.S. Technology Center in Dallas, Texas. The U.S. Technology Center is tasked with working on frontier technology for industrial automation, helping its formulation within the industry and accelerating its adoption within Yokogawa. Dave is experienced in applying and developing automation and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems used in the hydrocarbon, chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.  He is an ISA Fellow and a member of Control Magazine’s Process Automation Hall of Fame. 

Dave has over 30 years’ experience participating on U.S. and international consensus standards committees such as ISA-88, ISA-95, IEC TC65 and ISO TC184.  He also represents Yokogawa in several industry groups including leadership roles with MESA, MIMOSA and the OPC Foundation. Dave is Yokogawa’s primary representative with The Open Group’s Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) and currently serves as Co-Chair of the OPAF’s Enterprise Architecture Working Group.


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